What we offer

London Languages has over 25 years’ experience organising English and foreign languages courses for businesses and individuals across London. Our language training courses and services cover all major languages of international business:

English - French - German - Italian - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Dutch - Arabic (Modern Standard) - Mandarin

Japanese - Cantonese - Korean - Bahasa - Thai - Hindi - Urdu- Norwegian - Danish - Swedish - Brazilian Portuguese

We have language training business partners in Italy and France to complement our UK offering and provide consistent quality of service across our product range.

Our other services include language assessments for recruitment and employee development, cultural coaching, translation and interpreting.

Tailored Lessons

Our specialised tutors are dedicated to helping successful people in corporate environments improve and develop their communication skills.

Individual tuition allows the content, timing and pace to be adapted to the participant’s needs and availability. A small group class can also be organised when the learners share the same level, schedule and objectives.

Most of our lessons are based at the client offices but they can be arranged at the participant’s home or at our premises in Westminster.

We recommend 90 minute weekly lessons, with the duration of the course based around the needs of the participant. Face-to-face lessons are the core of our training with the added flexibility of telephone and internet tutorials.

Intensive Immersion Courses

Intensive courses are designed for participants who really need a boost to their language whether it is for personal or professional reasons. After taking an intensive immersion course with London Languages, participants feel significantly more confident using the language in professional and social situations.

Immersion programmes are designed to fit around the participant’s own schedule while in London; half or full day is available plus optional conversation lunch with a tutor.

Training can be organised for one person, a pair or a small group of colleagues with a similar level and objectives.

Language assessments & Cultural coaching

We offer tailored language assessments for recruitment and internal employee development and cultural coaching sessions. We have a long-established relationship with leading UK translation and interpreting companies for general and technical translation requirements.