Online Solutions

Combining digital content with live instructor-led online classes offers students maximum flexibility and convenience. Blended with traditional face to face training, our technology solutions provide customers with global coverage.

Our innovative Client Hub hosts study activities, learning pathways, assessments and curated resources. These all help our students and teachers to follow a modern, “flipped classroom” approach to learning a language.

Placement tests and Language Assessments for Recruitment

Our in-house developed online tests check candidates listening, reading and grammar skills and provide an instant level corresponding to the European CEFR. We also offer the option to delve deeper and assess productive speaking and writing skills, which are marked by one of our qualified teachers.

Having a better understanding of your employees' linguistic abilities can be a useful source of information for your HR team and can assist when securing business opportunities in foreign markets.

Language assessments for recruitment can be organised remotely or onsite to help determine the candidates’ linguistic capabilities. We make recommendations based on language capabilities (not job suitability) according to a standardised marking criteria and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Relocation, Cultural Coaching, Translation and Interpreting

For your relocation needs, we can offer support for families and individuals moving to London.

Our coaching sessions develop cultural knowledge, awareness and sensitivity about a specific culture or country.

To complement our language training portfolio, we provide translation and interpreting services.